"This is some kind of pie, but I'm not sure."

Translation:C'est une sorte de tarte, mais je ne suis pas sûr.

July 11, 2020

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Why not "quelque sorte"?


Indeed. They asked for a translation of "some kind," not "a kind." I've gotten dinged for less liberal translations than that.


In English, one would say "but I'm not sure which/what kind" or "I think this is some kind of pie, but I'm not sure"
I am guessing the french version suggests the first translation?


I understand that they're teaching "sorte" in this lesson, but what was wrong with putting "genre" instead?


Nothing, in my opinion, as long as you remember that "genre" is masculine and type "un genre de tarte".


What came to my mind was 'espece' (with a grave accent) :)


DX27etc asks the right question. In English this means ' a kind of pie', not 'some kind of pie' can French distinguish these two ideas?


I think in English it should be: it's a kind of pie, but i don't know what kind. Two kids are in a house looking at left over food: one asks the other, what is that? The other might say, it's a kind of pie, but I don't know what kind, it could be pineapple, mincemeat or rubbarb!

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