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  5. "No, sinä olet aina mukava."

"No, sinä olet aina mukava."

Translation:Well, you are always nice.

July 12, 2020



How to friendzone in Finnish


That "no" really keeps confusing me, i know it means "well" but my brain gets very confused with the english "no", guess it needs practice to fully root the "no" word as well in finnish


hahaha, and no is a word in spanish too, and it confuse me too hahah


I feel you. I know "no" for the english no, as well italian but in polish (that short) "no" means (informal) yes; but if you keep draging it like "nooo" it might mean less agreement and more like "well" (still rather rude) ;D


In bulgarian "no (но)" means "but" :D


Lol this sentence is kinda funny Person A: Hey, Ain't I nice?C'mon praise me. Person B: (sighs)Well, you are always nice!

Lol, I am laughing at my own joke. I had friends like this when I was a kid.


Why is 'no, olet aina mukava ' wrong?


this is so frustrating im putting the correct answer


This is a nice game to learn


That Program translate wrong "sina" like "aina" is that not cool


That translation is correct. "sinä" = you, "aina" = always


mukava means funny and nice, but duo only accept nice in this sentence


Funny is translated 'hauska' here, and it's correct. 'Hauska' is more entertaining, and 'mukava' (=nice) is more friendly, kind(ly), pleasant, and so on. One person can be both nice and funny, the meanings are quite near one another. Maybe a funny '=hauska' person can also be a little bit nasty and a nice 'mukava' person is not necessarily so entertaining. Maybe a 'hauska' person is more active, a 'mukava' person can be active or not so active? The difference is not big! But 'hauska' person is (a) positive expression. Too funny or ridiculous person is perhaps 'hassu' in Finnish. It is a light form from the word crazy. (A boisterous pet can be 'hassu koira' sometimes, too) I'm a native Finn, and I practice for the English test.: )


But, nice is a synonym of fine and i don't know why it put me worong

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