"Do you smell that good scent of old cheese?"

Translation:Vous sentez cette bonne odeur de vieux fromage ?

July 12, 2020

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Tu sens cette bonne odeur de vieux fromage. Accepted :)


as well as

sentez-vous ce bon parfum de vieux fromage


Why de and not du .


Again, Duolingo Guys and Gals, the word "scent" in English is reserved pretty much exclusively for the SMELL of perfume!!


Perhaps not as generally as you suggest. For example, we say dogs follow a scent rather than a smell - and in the same context we say "we put someone off the scent". We might also say: smell these flowers, they have a lovely scent - although that is close to the smell being perfume. However, in the case of cheese, it should be "smell the smell".


Good point generally Martin but we wouldn't usually say "smell the smell" - it's too clumsy and repetitive. I think we would say "can you smell that cheese". Maybe what's thrown Duo off is that we have the same word for the sense as the object we can smell.


Haha. I wasn't advocating tautology, but the given French sentence as two smells, if you want to translate it faithfully rather than offer a more idiomatic interpretation. Also, don't forget the poetic giant in Jack and the Beanstalk! :-D


Good point - fee, fo, fi, fum - easier said than typed. Predictive text is like Duo - it always thinks it knows best!


Agreed. Surely 'smell' is the right word!


Native english speaker would never say 'scent' of cheese!


I'd have to disagree, as a native american english speaker. It's probably not as common, but it's not at all wrong to talk about the "scent"of food.

E.g. scent of freshly baked pie


Put your socks back on!


Why is it Vieux [Masc. Plural ] and not Vieil [Masc.Singular] Fromage?

Is it something to do with cheese being uncountable?


Vieux is singular or plural I think. I think vieil is reserved for masculine nouns beginning with a vowel.


Why is vieux before fromage?


There are a range of adjectives that go before the noun in French - this page has a list https://grammar.collinsdictionary.com/french-easy-learning/word-order-with-adjectives


Sorry waakak on this side of the pond (uk side) at any rate, you would never say scent of cheese. You might say stink in some cases and occasionally, though not with cheese, you might talk about an aroma.

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My answer misses "bonne". I think my mind hints me not to add it.


Tu sens cette bonne odeur de fromage ancien ?

Maybe this cheese isn't old enough to use "ancien," but I thought ancien (after the noun) was equivalent to vieux.


During this exercise I put "cet odeur" which was not picked up as a mistake. So I learnt odeur as being masculin .... now I see that it is in fact feminin "cette odeur"


Pourquoi "Est-ce que tu sens cette odeur de vieux fromage ?" n'est pas accepté???

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