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"Juon kahvia ja ihailen järveä."

Translation:I am drinking coffee and admiring the lake.

July 12, 2020



Why not: I drink coffee and admire the lake


Why not "I drink coffee and admire the lake."? Like if someone asks you what do you do in the morning at your lakeside cottage, and you say "I drink coffee and admire the lake."... Or is that different in Finnish? I have gotten the impression that simple and progressive aren't different in Finnish


Why does the finnish not use the accusative here: järvi or järven, according to the Wiktionary? This sentence refers to a specific (undefined) lake the drinker is admiring.


It is because of the verb, and more specifically, it's because "ihailla" (to admire) is an irresultative action. Accusative case is only for actions that are both resultative and complete. It can also be used predictively about future actions though.


Thanks a lot MCR+ and Kristian. I fully understand this explanation!


That's a good point and I can understand why it must feel confusing. I think it is because of the verb, some of them use only partitive and some only accusative. Here's a small list of some verbs that use accusative only.

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