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"Elle n'est jamais revenue après leur avoir dit ça."

Translation:She never came back after telling them this.

July 12, 2020



... after telling them THAT.
... after having said that to them.


"She never returned after after telling them that." not accepted, but came back = returned and ça = that. By the way, ".... telling them this." is a bit odd. Duo, please accept more alternatives, particularly when they make more sense than the "official" translation.


She never returned after telling them that. That should be added to the list.


"This" refers to something very close in time and "that" more distant; so if she never came back (as in the past), it must have been after telling them THAT!!


You have the rule right but you are applying it differently. "This" refers here to what was recently mentioned, that she would come back. "That" would refer to something mentioned earlier. I could not understand what the French is saying from the English. In English I'd have to say, "She never came back after telling them that she would." If you speak with dated formal grammar like Duo has it here no-one will understand you and you'll just sound funny . . .


"Returned" is not accepted, but "came back" is...c'mon, folks, you know that translation is a flexible process, you need to be more accepting of other answers. I'm just going to copy/paste the Duolingo response so I can't get it wrong the next time this comes up (which it will before I can get out of this lesson).


'after saying that to them' is wrong.Why?


"she never returned after having told them this" - surely that is a comparable translation in everyday english ?


"She never came back after having said that to them" not accepted. Can someone tell me what is wrong please


she never came back after saying that to them

why not?


"after saying that to them" isn't accepted :(


She never returned after having said that to them. (Not accepted.)


This is another hopeless statement that is almost impossible to untangle into satisfactory English. It's no wonder there's so much despairing going on in this section.


I concur with both of these comments!!


"...after having told them this." is more faithful, I suspect, to intent of meaning as well as to the passé composé tense, "avoir dit ça" = "have said that"

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