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  5. "Onko lumi vaarallista?"

"Onko lumi vaarallista?"

Translation:Is snow dangerous?

July 12, 2020



Could it also be "lehmä"?


No, because countable things (like cows) get the nominative form of the adjective, so the proper expression in that case would be "Onko lehmä vaarallinen?" "Lumi" being a substance (like "kahvi" and "tee" in other questions) gets the partitive "vaarallista." I hope this makes sense.


How is snow dangerous?


Slipperiness, falling off roofs on people, collapsing roofs or damaging structures, obstructing visibility, risk of freezing/hypothermia/death, avalanches... a few things that quickly come to mind.


I imagine there can be many reasons why it could be dangerous... For example, driving on it without winter tires :-)


It could be dangerous also to walk in a forest where there has been heavy snowing. There you may sink in a hole covered with snow and may have troubles to get out of it: this happened to me in Finland.

There have also been some kids killed under the snow mountains where they would play.


Why vaarallista instead of vaarallinen ? Kiitos !


I know it seems counter-intuitive, since "lumi" is nominative, that the modifier should not also be in that case, but because snow is a substance (not a countable item), even in the nominative its adjective belongs in partitive case.

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