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"Hamsteri juoksee tosi nopeasti."

Translation:The hamster is running really quickly.

July 12, 2020



Previously, it said that this was incorrect when speaking of hedgehogs. "Siilit juoksevat nopeasti" was translated as "Hedgehogs run fast". I wrote "The hedgehogs are running quickly", but it said that it was incorrect. So here, I wrote "The hamster runs very fast", and again was told that it was incorrect, because now it wants the other format for the same verb... This is very frustrating and confusing. I still don't know if Finnish has any differentiation between verbs like "run/walk/write/kick" vs "is running/is walking/is writing/is kicking".


Should be flagged, really quickly and very fast are the same here.

As for translating the present progressive into Finnish, there's no difference in this sentence but there can be in others. Essentially if you use the present progressive in English the object will be partitive in Finnish. However, this sentence has no object. This flow chart helps with picking the case of sentence objects in Finnish.


"the hamster runs really fast" should be correct.


What is the difference between todella and tosi?

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