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  5. "Mirri sits and Musti stands."

"Mirri sits and Musti stands."

Translation:Mirri istuu ja Musti seisoo.

July 12, 2020



I was never shown verb conjugations. How am I to know it's istuu and not something else?


I highly encourage you to visit the browser version of Duolingo—there includes the tips for each lesson. Particularly for the tips of this lesson, they include the conjugations' ending patterns.

In short, corresponding pronouns will always conjugate indicative, regular verbs for these following endings:

  • minä > -n
  • sinä > -t
  • hän > -◌◌
  • me > -mme
  • te > -tte
  • he > -v◌t

...where “◌” represents the ending vowel of the root of the verb.


Thank you for the explanation!


True. The difficulty level suddenly jumped here from previous learning. But well, we are supposed to learn the verb conjugations down the road, so let's just say the road starts from here (with a bump! :d). Paljon Onnea! Kippis!

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