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"This round potato is beautiful!"

Translation:Tämä pyöreä peruna on kaunis!

July 12, 2020



Seems like finns have a personal relationship with potatoes


For a couple of centuries now, potatoes have been one of the main pillars of the Finnish diet. They've, in part, helped people through famine and times of depression. Though their use in general has been decreasing nowadays, it still is one of the most common ingredients in Finnish food. So yeah, there's definitely a special relationship between Finns and potatoes. :D


And the same across most of northern Europe. My Japanese students visiting England to learn English remarked on how often they encountered potatoes here.

It's strange then to remember that potatoes were only introduced to Europeans from the Americas in the last 500 years, and the same for tomatoes. Imagine Mediterranean cuisine without tomatoes!


The previous question was translate potato and the app told me that pottu was the correct answer. This question doesn't accept pottu, and only accepts peruna.


They missed that alternative here, I guess. Another one would be potaatti.


Peruna is the standard word, those two are colloquial ones. I think, Duolingo tries to stick at the standard speech.


Is 'peruna' the most commonly used version then?


It definitely is. In writing (ads, recipes etc.) is the only one used.


We love body positivity


The germans love thin blonds and the finns round potatoes? Are we moving towards the issues of the brides and hedgehogs again...

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