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" Hei! Mitä kuuluu? No ei mitään."

Translation:– Hi! What is going on? – Well, nothing special.

July 12, 2020



Is it deliberate that in one question the only accepted translation for "Mitä kuuluu" is "What is going on", while in another question the only accepted translation is "How are you"? Seems both should be allowed in each case.


Do you think that "nothing special" is a suitable answer for "how are you?"? To me it sounds weird. But then again, in English you would probably never give any answer but "good" or "fine" to that question anyway. Finns are more honest with such questions and ask them to hear the actual answer, not just out of politeness.


You are right. It does seem like a strange response, or the response to a slightly different question. What I was noticing was mainly just the inconsistency, with a correct answer in one place being incorrect in another.


Your question is a good one. How did the person who answered know what he was being asked if the same sentence means two different things?


May I suggest "not much" as a better translation of the response to mitä kuuluu, in this context (ie, what's happening or what's up).

[deactivated user]

    No ei mitään. = Well, nothing, there is no "special" here.


    Mitä eroa on "No ei mitään" ja "No ei se mitään"?


    "No ei mitään" is like "Well, nothing" to imply you've been doing nothing, or there is nothing.

    "No ei se mitään" is like "Well, it's nothing" as in, someone has just apologized to you and you tell them it's nothing or not a problem.

    Technically both can mean the same thing in spoken language, just depends on context clues


    This was extremely frustrating. I spoke Finnish as my first language as a child and can manage common colloquialism. This rigid answer that mitä kuuluu does not mean how are you, but does mean whichever equally colloquial greeting is annoying ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. I've bought 6 months of Duolingo. Not any more. I thought the app was broken, not just sloppy. Sort yourself out, Duolingo. I'm really annoyed.


    Please understand that the Finnish course has been made completely by volunteers. We have to add the possible translations manually so in some cases correct translations are missing, which I understand is frustating but we are working on it. Also this is the first version of the Finnish tree so this is also a learning experience for us to see which sentences work well and which don't.


    I did not realise the course makers are volunteers. I pay for the course, so presumed it was commercial so my apologies to the volunteers. Knowing this, I will be much more forgiving and understanding.


    Well, the course is made by volunteers, but Duolingo is run by a for-profit organization. So being thankful towards the volunteers but demanding towards the company you bought a service from are not incompatible...


    Kiitos for all your good work!


    Come on, Duo! How about you just teach us the language and we pick up the slang and argot when we actually get to Finland?


    I was thinking the same thing. At a certain point, when there are so many different ways a given phrase in either language could be translated into the other, it seems kind of pointless to try and maintain the list of acceptable answers.


    I feel like "Oh, nothing special" has the same meaning...


    Unfortunately, what is presumably idiomatic Finnish is not translating easily to English. The tone used on the word "well" here would make a big difference - if short, it'd mean "I am well", long and it is more like "oh".


    I translated it as "Hey, what's going on? Well, nothing special." I think this deserves a look. It may have been rejected because greeting someone in English with "Hey" is super informal, but it is legitimate and commonly used. If it was rejected because of the contraction of "what's" instead of "what is" then this is just an oversight.


    I appreciate the work of ask the volunteer staff. That said, we are here to learn Finnish and not correct English. All forms of all the englishes of the world should be ok.


    This is so frustrating. Last question was wrong because i wrote voi instead of oho for "oh" and here it doesnt accept "how are you"


    Shouldn't "what's happening" be accepted as an alternative to "what is going on"?


    Im thankful that there is such an app like duolingo and I'm thankful for all the volunteers keeping up the good work and fixing issues like these, but I'm really curious how it even got to the point where this became a guessing game. I want my purple crowns ❤❤❤❤❤❤ and this topic is not letting me have it!!!

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