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  5. "Kai Kaino on oikeassa."

"Kai Kaino on oikeassa."

Translation:I guess Kaino is right.

July 12, 2020



"I guess Kaino is correct" is also a valid form of translation for this sentence.


It is odd that there are two translations with different meanings. "I hope" and "I guess"


"Kai" is actually a way to express uncertainty, but it is subjective and more probably a "yes" than "ehkä" which is completely unsure "maybe". My dictionary tells it is "I/you guess/think/suppose" and "probably, presumably, very likely" but I think it could be translated to "I hope" too, when it's about future and it's still unsure what will happen. (Disclaimer: we do have other ways too to express "hopefully", "I think" etc.)

Hän on kai suomalainen — I guess / I think / I suppose / I heard somewhere but I'm not sure if she is Finnish.

Kai hän tulee. — I suppose / Probably / I guess / I hope he will come.


Maybe was not accepted !!! Here we go again


Because "kai" doesn't mean "maybe". It's more certain, like "I guess" or "probably".


I guess that Kaino is right is the same.


The makers of the course need to start putting effort into accepting obvious translations of simple phrases.

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