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  5. "Meillä ei ole nettiä."

"Meillä ei ole nettiä."

Translation:We do not have an internet connection.

July 12, 2020



I would add "we don't have internet", a simple and commonly used phrase.


I agree. I tried to answer with this translation and it was not accepted, but people say it a lot.


Sometimes the only accepted translation for "nettiä" in a question is "wifi", while other times it is "internet connection". It should be consistent.


Yes, and netti never means just wifi, so that translation is actually wrong.

I think they are fixing these as they are getting reported, so do keep reporting!

Wifi in Finnish is simply wifi (pronunced vifi, though) or langaton netti (cable free internet, although wifi is of course only one kind of cable free internet...).


Why am i wrong when i say we dont have internet connection


Why is "ei" used instead of "emme"?


Because the subject is being expressed with "Meillä" and not "Me", conjugation does not apply. It's always the third person singular of the verb to express possession in Finnish. "Minulla on/ei ole", "Sinulla on/ei ole", "Hänellä on/ei ole", and so on...


Oh my gosh, that's right! I totally forgot about that! What a rookie, lol. Kiitos


I thought that was "emme" instead of "ei "


Not when expressing possession. "Minulla", "sinulla", "hänellä", "meillä", "teillä", and "heillä" ALL get the third person singular verb conjugation "on" or "ei ole."

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