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"Fortunately, your assistant reminds you of everything!"

Translation:Heureusement, ton assistante te rappelle tout !

July 12, 2020



When translating from English to French, there is nothing to suggest that the assistant is female, and the masculine "assistant" is not accepted. Reported.


It accepts either. Ton assistant/assistante. (Not "ta".)


Can it be "de tout" or is only "tout" correct?


No de, because rappeler doesn't take a preposition in front of its object.


Is "tout te rappelle" accepted?


Not te rappelle de tout?


Any idea why a feminine word "assistante" is ton, not ta?


Because assistante begins with a vowel. You can't use "ta" when the object begins with a vowel, even if it's feminine. If an adjective were in between, you could use "ta", like "ta belle assistante". That's also why there's words like "bel" for "bel homme" since you can't use "beau".


Phew, Frederick! If I had known beforehand that French had these quirkiest of quirks.... ...instead of a grammar... I might not have been so keen to start at all. I actually gave up my Duo Norwegian to concentrate on French!


It is for pronunciation - feminine nouns begining with vowels (and sometime "h"), take possessive pronouns "mon", "ton", and "son".


Oh crikey, I got stuck on the conjugation. I kept thinking it was tu rappelles when it is actually the assistante, i.e. elle rappelle (no s). I'll remember that from now on.


Me too, see below.


Why not "de te tout rappelle"


The correct order: te rappelle tout means literally "to you reminds everything" (it's rappeller qqch [accusative] à qqn [dative], not rappeller de qqch). Your proposition doesn't mean anything: "of to you everything remind".


'tout' has to follow the verb 'rappelle'. The phrase doesn't involve a 'de', someone explained this higher up on this page if you want to take a look.


"Rappelle(r)" is a verb, so why is it not "rappelleS" with te/tu ? (Am I missing something basic at this late stage?)


Yup, you are going to wince. The assistant (i.e. third person singular - subject) is reminding you (object).


Oh, golly! Of course... Wince duly completed. Shall I wince again, for good measure and in full contrition? Thank you for your kind response... (Hey, I almost mean it!)


Lulularosa I am trying to become one of you grateful followers, but your name will not open to show your profile. Perhaps this is because you are registered as Private account (?)


Thanks for that. And yes, I went private because I found the "leaders' board" so annoying.


Yes. I also felt the leagues were not helping me learn French. However, just this last Monday morning I "Achieved" a pole position in the Diamond League, so I have got that all out of my system! Now it is time to let someone else have their turn, eh? Thanks again. Best wishes to you.

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