"Last weekend, I stopped by Julie's place."

Translation:Le week-end dernier, je suis passé chez Julie.

July 12, 2020

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Why was 'je suis passée' not accepted?

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"Le dernier week-end" n'est pas accepté. Pourquoi ?


Because that has a different meaning. You can click here for a more detailed explanation and examples, but in short, dernier/-ère means 'last/previous' when it comes after the noun, and 'last/final' when it comes before. Its meaning is relevant to the time of utterance after the noun, and relative to some defined sequence or period of time before the noun.


Is fin de semaine never used for the weekend anymore?


Apparently, in Canada, fin de semaine means 'weekend', but in France, that only refers to the end of the working week (Thursday & Friday).


Why is "Le dernier week-end" not accepted?


I've already answered this question. Dernier before the noun means the last/final time in a defined period; dernier after the noun means the previous time before the present. There are several adjectives that change meaning like this depending on placement; you can read here for more examples.


I thought when passer meant to stop by it was reflexive... je me suis passe? ils se sont passes etc? I'm sure I've been corrected on that already today.


No, "passer" is not reflexive when it means "to stop by".


I cannot figure out when to use the auxiliary etre with passer


When used intransitively (without a direct object complement), être is the auxiliary; when used transitively, avoir is used. For example, when talking about spending time or taking an exam (which use direct objects): « avoir passé une soirée », « avoir passé un examen ». In this example, 'stopping by' is intransitive, so it's « être passé chez Julie ».


Good answer. Thank you Sean. Bob


If it is showing you a picture of a girl surely it should be je suis passée


I agree with the post "je suis passee" should be accepted especially since the picture of the person speaking was female. So why isn't it accepted. Everything else was exactly the same.


I think "je suit passee" should have been accepted because the picture was of a female speaking.


Funny. It didn't accept passée a minute ago but it did now when i was given the English. I did hyphenate week-end this time.... Maybe that's the error and not paasée?


Prepare your data correctly DUO Accept passee! You have been very ill prepared for this section of the course. This is terrible and very annoying!!!!


Le weekend dernier, je me suis arrêté chez Julie is the literal tranlation. Itused stopped by, not passed by in English

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