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  5. "Montako pentua sillä on?"

"Montako pentua sillä on?"

Translation:How many kittens does it have?

July 12, 2020



So how is kuinka moni different from montako or kuinka monta?


I'm also curious about this difference


I rewrote my explanation multiple times but it never worked out the way I wanted so I'll just give you both a link: moni, monta vs. monet, that will explain is a lot better and I think it works with questions just fine as well.


'pentu' also means 'puppy'


I wrote puppies and it was incorrect


Montako isn't something I've come across very often. I'm not saying it's wrong, it's just that I would have expected "how many"/"how much" to be first taught as "kuinka monta"/"kuinka paljon" before moving on to "montako"/"paljonko"


Hard disagree. I use montako all the time. It's more efficient than kuinka monta, after all! I think both should be taught in parallel.


Maybe it's a regional thing...


Might be, I usually say "kuin monta" or "miten monta?". Sometimes I do say "montako" but for me that always feels like I'm borrowing something from another dialect, or that I'm being more formal. (I speak the Savo dialect.)


Haha, I saw the notifications about these messages in my inbox, and came here to say I use montako because it's more efficient... At least I'm consistent! :-p

(Helsinki born and bred here....)


I studied a bit of Savo dialect in my summer course in Kuopio years ago, it was a bit of a mind-bender when you're already struggling to study "normal" Finnish...

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