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"That bird lives always close to the sea."

Translation:Tuo lintu elää aina lähellä merta.

July 12, 2020



Finnish's word order is fairly free. It would make perfect sense (even more to my ear), if "aina" was placed a word before it is now. At least it would be grammatically correct.


Would "asua" not be more appropriate for this usage than "elää"?


Nope, not for an animal.

(That placing of 'always' is weird, though.)


The meaning here is more "that (species) of bird always lives close to the sea".

And "asua" for animals is generally only used for nests, dens, burrows and such. "Tuolla kolossa asuu myyrä" = a vole lives in that burrow/that burrow has a vole living in it


One should be able to place "aina" (always) in front of elää


The English sounds unnatural. It should say "always lives" instead of "lives always".


Hah, thanks for reminding me now that I able to change this!

Now (or whenever changes filter through the system) "always lives" is the order used in this sentence.

I prefer "elää aina" as the translation, as "aina elää" only works if you want to stress the "aina". If unstressed, it almost sounds like the bird lives by the sea and dies somewhere else...

But both word orders are accepted here in the Finnish translation, and both word orders are accepted in the "reverse translation" into English. This has been the case already for a while.

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