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"Liisa is looking for a boyfriend with sisu."

Translation:Liisa etsii sisukasta poikaystävää.

July 12, 2020



Sentence final prepositions typically act as adverbials. The English here sounds like Liisa is baiting a snare trap with sisu (the candy) in hopes of catching a boyfriend. Your meaning would be better carried by "a boyfriend who has sisu."


What exactly is Sisu? I cant find any translation.....Sister is sisko, closest I know


Whybthis word order i got ot mzrked wrong for putting sisukusta last


Sisukas is an adjective and it is an attribute to "poikaystävä" in this sentence; the boyfriend should have sisu.

If you thought that Liisa is the one who has sisu (her action is "sisukas") you would use an adverb: "Liisa etsii poikaystävää sisukkaasti" (or "Liisa etsii sisukkaasti poikaystävää"). I think that both interpretations of the English sentence are equally possible.

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