"Malheureusement, aucun logement n'est disponible."

Translation:Unfortunately, no housing is available.

July 12, 2020

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unfortunately no lodgings are available wasn't accept. Why offer lodgings as a translation when you hover over logement, if you don't accept it as an answer


Why not, "unfortunately, no accommodation is available"


It's accepted now :)


Not as at 4 January 22


If this is about where to stay on holiday, then it should be "accommodation".


Lodgings and housing are interchangeable in American English


I didn't know that - in the UK it is usually a short form for public/social housing....certainly not holiday lodgings!


I probably slept during a few lessons, now I have to ask why it is incorrect to write: "Malheureusement, aucun logement n'est PAS disponible." ?


Because the negation is already expressed by the pair NE... aucun.. = not any/similar to ne.. plus= no more or /ne.. jamais = never/ ne.. personne == no one/ ne rien =not anything. Like 'personne' , 'Aucun' can go before or after the NE....as is obvious here. Others like 'JAMAIS AND PLUS' can't (if I remember correctly... so don't quote me on the postioning for the jamais and plus.)


Thanks for the detailed explanation. I thought maybe that was the reason, but I wasn't sure either. I think I noticed something similar in some negations with: "Ne ... que"


Glad to! I am sure you are aware but remember that 'ne que' is not a full neagation. It means 'ONLY' rather than NOT. Ma femme n'aime que moi, j'espere"!!


I wrote Unfortuantely, there is no lodging available , and this was marked wrong. Quite honestly, whoever marks these answers, it is in proper english to say There is , and not NO


unfortunately no any housing is available. marked wrong.


That's because in English "no" and "any" don't fit together. However you could say "Unfortunately there isn't any housing/accommodation available". ie "not any" is the negative as an alternative to "no" on its own.

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