offline progress deleted

The most recent iOS app update does not seem to have resolved the problem of deleting lessons completed offline once the device goes back online. I have posted about this a few times, most recently here. I've wondered if it's a problem between syncing between devices and the website, since I use both quite frequently, but I'm not sure.

Here's what happened today- I had completed offline three lessons from the communications unit of the German tree, one of which was deleted when I went back online, so the tree read "2/8 completed." When I was offline again, the tree also read 2/8 completed, but when I opened the unit, the first three lessons all were marked as completed. I then completed the rest of the Communications unit offline, as well as the first two lessons of education. When my iPod was reconnected to the internet, I completed the third unit of Education, but when I finished, I was shown a tree where I had credit for 7/8 of the Communication unit and none for Education.

A year ago I noticed almost no problems with offline practice, which was great for those of us often on subways, etc. I really hope this issue can be resolved at some point.

UPDATE: After I re-completed the Communication unit online, I then had credit for the three lessons of Education that I had previously completed. However, when I tried to finish the last lesson of the unit, nothing happened although I successfully completed the lesson.

August 7, 2014


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