"Je suis en train de préparer le plat dont il rêve."

Translation:I'm making the dish that he's dreaming of.

July 12, 2020

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Shouldn't the translation be ... I am in the process of making the dish that he's dreaming of? Why is... en train de ...is necessary?


"dont" translates better in more formal English as in "I'm making the dish of which he dreams"


I'm actually using this as a way to identify the "dont" case. If I have to use a "of which" or similar form in English, it probably uses "dont" in French


How you would say it in English may not always give you the right answer. You use "dont" for French verbs that use "de" before the object.

"I remember this cake."
“Je me souviens de ce gâteau."

"This is the cake that I remember eating."
"C'est le gâteau dont je me souviens avoir mangé."

The French sentence will use "dont" because "to remember" is "se souvenir de." It would be the same with "parler de", "avoir envie de", "rêver de", etc.


I am preparing the dish of his dreams. Accepted 29/05/21


i dont understand why that he's dreaming about isn't accepted. In UK English we would say dreaming of doing something but dreaming about something


Cambridge disagrees with me, as it does now-and-then, but I only recognize "dream up", "dream of", and "dream on" ("dream into being"?) in the non-literal sense of daydream (late 14th century-) or later picture in one's mind (1941-), certainly not "dream about". -- https://dictionary.cambridge.org/ja/dictionary/english/dream-about-of-sth

The rule has been misunderstood. Here it is what he's dreaming of later having or eating . . .


-------- huh ? . . .


Dreams about - should be accepted


you should not end an english sentence with "of". So the english translation should be "of which he is dreaming".

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    "preparing" was rejected and the answer given was "making". I believe "preparing" should have been accepted.


    Hints gives plat as food!


    "That he's been dreaming of" should be accepted.

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