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"Chan eil thu trang, tha mise trang!"

Translation:You are not busy, I am busy!

July 12, 2020



Why mise over mi?


It's emphatic. You're not busy, I'M busy. You can do this with other pronouns too (thusa, sibhse, sinne, etc). It's required in comparisons like this.


I listened over and over to this, but I could not hear 'thu'.


You are right I had the same issue, I suppose it was just the desire to get on with the lesson, I listened but did not read what I ended up choosing. Moral - slow down and read your answer, it's not a race.


It's just a little "u" sound. The th is silent or sometimes "h". (I do wish we'd been warned about all the silent letter combinations early on - not to mention the unexpected morphs! And with refreshers as appropriate since! Really had to figure it out on my own, despite studying and copying and annotating the tips and notes.)

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