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"Luulen, että on aika käydä kalassa."

Translation:I reckon it is time to go fishing.

July 12, 2020



It even says "että", "I think THAT it is time ..." should be accepted


There is a bit of inconsistency in the course with where you make "that" mandatory for "että". Getting "wrong answer" for skipping "that" and then for using it. Should be fixed to accept both, I believe. Or at least, be consistent.


There is inconsistency with the forms of "luulla" - sometimes "guess" is expected and other times it is "reckon". Both should be acceptable.


"Reckon" is pretty regionally dialectical. "Guess" is a bit informal, but probably more widely used. "Suppose" is probably even more universally acceptable, although it may have an unsuitable shade of meaning.


I would think that "think" is more neutral a choice even than all of those.


True - I live in Michigan and nobody says "reckon." It's more common in the southwest.


It now accepts "that".


So, what would be the difference in Finnish between, "It is time to..." and "There is time to..."? The meanings are very different.


There is no literal Finnish translation for "there is". I would use "minulla on aikaa...." or "meillä on aikaa..." in this context, I/we have time to go fishing.


Anyone else find the audio swallows the on that follows että, you really have to losyen to catch it

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