"Si tu débranches tout, rien ne va marcher !"

Translation:If you unplug everything, nothing is going to work!

July 12, 2020

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So ne doesn't require a pas because rien is negative?


French negations:

ne ... pas

ne ... plus

ne ... jamais

ne ... rien / rien ... ne

ne ... personne / personne ... ne

ne ... aucun / aucun ... ne

(Credit: Sitesurf)


Let me add some more:

ne ... pas du tout

ne ... nulle part

ne ... guère

ne ... point


Don't you just wish sometimes there was a link to the writings of sitesurf. Sitesurf comments may appear in one exercise and not in another so if you go to the discussion in the wrong one you miss the pearls of wisdom. Anyway (de toute façon), thank you for taking trouble to reproduce this helpful information here.


I don't know if that's a thing for now but if it happens someday, it would be the best day for me and also for other Sitesurf's students. It was great when Sitesurf and Team used to handle linguistic stuffs on Duo. Unfortunately, that is not the case now since Duo decided to hire contractors to write this course based on the CEFR structure (Feb 19). And the result is clear by now, sentences (in French & English both) have lost their delicacy and have become sloppy.

Well, let them do the way they like! Here are the links to the forums & notes which Sitesurf et al created alongside the French tree:




Thank you so much both pages are now bookmarked and I will really look at them later. My favorite Duolingo event at the moment is Wednesday with Fred. I learn so much listening to other people introduce themselves. Thank you again


Yes. There are some negation words (like jamais, plus, personne, rien) that will replace pas in a sentence. A bit like in english, never, anymore, nobody or nothing are also negation word with which you don't need to add a negation.


I didn't mean to query the absence solely of pas, my query is the ordering of the negation. For example 'ne ... rien' I understand.

But '...rien ne...' throws me a bit.

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If rien is the subject, it comes first (where the subject normally goes). The same thing happens with personne when it's used as a subject.


Good explanation, M_M_.

And for us students, it helps to look at the fact that English is very similar: "nothing" and "nobody" can be used as subjects, just like rien and personne.


Why " si tu debranches tous " was not accepted?


Because "tous" is an adjective and would either need to be attached to a noun or be a complement agreeing with "tu" (eg following être).

A pronoun (such as "tout") is required here (the pronoun is effectively substituting for "toutes les choses").


Haha. Unlikely. All the laptops and mobiles and anything else with a battery, such as the latest vacuum cleaner, should be fine!

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