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  5. "Zij schoppen de voetbal."

"Zij schoppen de voetbal."

Translation:They kick the soccer ball.

August 7, 2014



Oh, you're also trying to teach American English. What a pity.


just to confirm, "het voetbal" refers to the game of football, and "de voetbal" refers to an actual football?


So kicking a ball changes its gender.


I see what you did there lol


Only if you kick it in the wrong place.


I think the logic behind this is:

  • Het is used to describe the football in general as a sport.
  • De is used to describe the football precisely as a ball.


Any difference between schoppen and trappen here? Would "Zij trappen de voetbal" be OK / mean the same? Thanks!


Trappen, as in 'tegen een bal trappen' is more like stomping or stamping, so you do hear it, and the phrase I wrote does mean to kick a ball, but it is just less common. 'Schoppen' means to kick and is much more common. In the beautiful game, there are, of course, many ways of describing how the ball is handled, especially in the days of radio when the commentator had to be able to describe it to listeners without their being able to see what was going on. So sometimes the ball was trapt and sometimes it was schopt. Nowadays it is mostly schopt. Back to my cave!


Thanks! Interesting.On woorden.nl I see that trappen is "met je voet raken" but schoppen is "opzettelijk hard met je voet raken". You can also "in de poep trappen" - so trappen seems to include stepping and kicking. (And that schoppen is also the spades in a deck of cards - Harten, Ruiten, Klaveren en Schoppen are hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.)

[deactivated user]

    When do you need the "tegen"? The other sentence was something like "Hij schopte tegen de voetbal."


    Tegen = against, and adding/omitting this word doesn't change the meaning of this.

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