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  5. "This pony is kind."

"This pony is kind."

Translation:Tämä poni on kiltti.

July 12, 2020



Would it make sense for an animal to be referred to as mukava? For humans I don't really make a big difference between nice and kind. Does Tämä poni on mukava sound weird?


slightly weird, but i have heard people saying that before


It does sound a bit like the pony is your good pal if you describe it as "mukava". So yes, slightly weird.


So a talking horse in a fantasy book might be mukava, and otherwise I should stick with the horse being kiltti. Kiitos!


Haha, I suppose. :D I guess if you are prone to talking to your pets etc. as you would to a child, then "mukava" doesn't sound that weird. But in general that's a good guideline.

When talking about an animal being "kiltti" it usually means "well behaved". Directly translated that would be "hyväkäytöksinen", which is also used. But "kiltti" is for sure the easier word.


well-behaved would be more accurate. An animal isn't kind in the human sense.


"Nice" would be the English word I'd use to translate "kiltti" in this context, but that creates its own problems on Duolingo since "nice" has so many nuances and alternative translations depending on context.


Hmmm, I wonder if Finnish ponies are different from the Shetland and Chincoteague breeds in the USA and UK? Horses here are often "kiltti," but nine out of ten ponies are "tuhma," naughty little brats.

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