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"– How much time do I have? – Ten minutes or a bit more."

Translation:– Paljonko minulla on aikaa? – Kymmenen minuuttia tai vähän enemmän.

July 12, 2020



Is "paljonko aikaa minulla on?" incorrect? Or is it just not what a Finn would say?


it's correct! the word order is fine either way


Can we replace enemmän with lisää in this context?

I put "paljonko aikaa minulla on" too... Sounds more natural in my native language!


Why is it "vähän ennemän" and not "vähän lisää"? What is the difference between the two words?


They can often be used interchangeably, but lisää carries a nuance of increase so it doesn't make sense in this context, because you've got the time you've got and that's it. In case you want to ask for more time, however, you may ask "Voinko saada lisää aikaa?"


I thought the same. Does anyone have the answer?


Why is it tai instead of vai for or here?


"Vai" is only used in questions.

[deactivated user]

    A native speaker thought this structure a little strange


    'Kuinka paljon minulla on aikaa?' should be accepted


    What's the difference between enemmän and lisää?


    My answer "Kuinka paljon aikaa minulla on? Kymmenen minuutia vai vähän lisää." was marked wrong.

    As it has several places different from the answer, I am not sure which part(s) was really wrong and which part(s) was actually correct but not added yet.

    Could someone shed some light on this? Kiitos paljon!


    You can't say "vai" because this is not a question. Ten minutes or a bit more = Kymmenen minuuttia TAI vähän enemmän. Ten minutes or a bit more? = Kymmenen minuuttia VAI vähän enemmän? Because you are saying more than something (a bit more than 10 minutes), you have to use "enemmän" instead of "lisää". Like Rk5I3 said, when you need more time, then you can use both, "enemmän aikaa" or "lisää aikaa", because it's not more than something, it's just more :)

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