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"La banque n'accepte aucun chèque sans signature."

Translation:The bank doesn't accept a single check without a signature.

July 12, 2020



what is wrong with the bank doesn't accept any cheques without a signature?


If anything it's a superior and less ambiguous translation


Why "without a signature"? There is no need for an article, it's without whatsoever signature. And Google Books site shows almost equal usage of "without signature" and "without the signature" while "without a signature" is less frequent. Anyway, if one still wants an article that would be more logical to use "the" as we need the authentic signature of the cheque drawer, not any.


Check is not the english word for a cheque as used for cashing or paying a bill


In the U.S. it is spelled that way though.


In English we would say simply: "The bank doesn't accept unsigned cheques." It may not be a literal translation, but that's what it means.

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