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  5. "Millaista paitaa etsit?"

"Millaista paitaa etsit?"

Translation:What kind of shirt are you looking for?

July 12, 2020



why is it millaista and not millainen?


It modifies a noun phrase which is the target of an irresultative action. An irresultative action triggers partitive case for its object.


Whats wrong with "what sort of shirt are you looking for? It should have been accepted


Nothing wrong at all but Duolingo keeps making these frustrating and rigid decisions.


The course is still being developed. And new answer variations must be entered manually and take time to enter the course after addition. So the best thing to do is report it.


We all should be grateful to Duo.!


Previously, "millainen" worked with both "what kind" and "what sort". "Millaista" should as well. I reported.


Why is 'what shirt are you looking for' incorrect? Maybe my English isn't good enough, but I think that it has a similar meaning.

[deactivated user]

    "What shirt are you looking for" means the person has some specific shirt in mind, that most probably he owns or one that is at least familiar to him. As in, the person owns 29 shirts and he's looking for one of them.

    "what kind of shirt" on the other hand implies the person only wants to find a shirt that looks a certain way. A blue shirt with an owl on it, maybe. This probably would most commonly be used when buying new clothes.


    That's more specific.


    That would be "Mitä paitaa (sinä) etsit?".

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