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how well will I speak after finishing duolingo?

how well will I speak after finishing the duolingo tree?

May 15, 2013



You might be interested in taking a look at a study that was done on the effectiveness of Duolingo. 34 hours of Duolingo was found to be equal to the first semester of Spanish at the university level (which usually takes more than 34 hrs to complete). Read more about it here: http://duolingo.com/#/effectiveness-study


I think speaking might be difficult unless your a native speaker; simply because you are going to be trying to remember the words, the grammar and the correct pronunciation. However I feel that anyone who really applies his/her self should be able to read a different language with minimal difficulty. :D


yes, I am just starting the tree and already find I can pick out words here and there.


Hopefully when you can complete the entire tree, the Immersion section should be a breeze.


I think everyone assumes that a native speaker knows how to speak their native tongue. I know that when I had a private tutor, she had to work with me and make me speak. Since I have had that experience, I try very hard to repeat and repeat out loud.


In my opinion, not very well, if you've only been using Duolingo. What Duolingo does do, however, is give you a strong vocab foundation on which you can blossom.

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