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"Do you know this French expression?"

Translation:Est-ce que tu connais cette expression française ?

July 12, 2020



I thought « connais » was for people and places. How come it is the correct response here with "French expression?"


"connaître" is used with many other things as long as the meaning is "to be familiar with" or "to know about" or "know it exists".

you can also use "connaître" about a song, a subject you study, a movie, a recipe, a rule, etc... because you can know about or be familiar with these.

the distinction with "savoir" is how you use them in a sentence. you can only use "connaître" with a direct object and you cannot use it with a verb or a subordinate clause and use "savoir" instead (although that's not the only way to use "savoir").

"savoir" can also be used with direct objects, but to mean you know it by heart. If you wrote "Est-ce que tu sais cette expression française ?", it would be correct, but would mean to know it like a poem, learnt it and remember it perfectly.


I thought « connais » was for people and places.

Well, obviously you thought wrong... It is actually a bit more complicated.

Link: Savoir vs Connaître on Lawless French


Tu connais cette expression française ? Accepted :)


Wouldn't "tu sais..." refer to knowing the expression to the extent of being able to use it... and "tu connais" refer to knowing it only to the extent of recognizing it and understanding what it means?

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