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  5. "How often do you visit Oulu?"

"How often do you visit Oulu?"

Translation:Kuinka usein te käytte Oulussa?

July 12, 2020



The singular/plural use of you is often ambiguous. Both should be acceptable


Pronouns are not strictly necessary in this sentence


And neither is it clear whether they mean singular or plural "you"


YOU can be singular or plural in English...


can I use "kuinka usein käytko Oulussa"?


No. "Kuinka" is already the question word, so there's no need for another question word. By attaching the -ko/-kö suffix to a verb, you're making it the word that initiates a question. And the suffix in that word should be "kö" anyway because the preceding vowel is a front vowel.


I thought that was the case, but the hint does display "käytkö". Presumably it is translating "do you visit", but if it can be amended, it would be less confusing!


What about "kuinka usein käyt sinä Oulussa?"


Due to the flexible nature of the syntax of Finnish, that's not exactly incorrect. It is, however, somewhat odd. The reason for this is the fact that unlike in English, there is no requirement to do a subject-verb inversion in a question when that question begins with an interrogative word instead of a verb. What you've done there is you've followed the English word order by putting the verb before the subject, but in a Finnish question like this there is no need to do so.


Understood. Kiitoksia

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