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  5. "I can both dance and sing."

"I can both dance and sing."

Translation:Osaan sekä tanssia että laulaa.

July 12, 2020



Why can't I say ' osaan sekä tanssia ja laulaa'. Is there a rule for using 'ja' and 'että'?

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The two words "sekä" and "että" go together in this expression. If you start the expression with "sekä", you also need to use "että": sekä X että Y.


Why isn't minä osaan sekä tanssia että laulaa correct


It is -- I guess it just hasn't been added as a possible answer yet. Did you report it using the flag?


To be honest, I think it's a bad idea to drop words from sentences this early on in the course. Sentences like this should contain minä (or other pronouns) to help memorize what form goes where.


It's not dropped from the sentence as such, it's just an equally valid translation as the one with Minä. So both should be accepted, but I would find it odd to somehow first teach only option and then later add the other.


In Spanish course is same, because in Spanish you can also drop away words like I, you and we, and the same reason as in Finnish.

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