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  5. "Is it plugged in?"

"Is it plugged in?"

Translation:Onko se seinässä?

July 12, 2020



Since 'seinä' means wall, in this context, I'd assume that it means 'being plugged into a wall outlet/electrical socket'. What about other cases, in which, the action of plugging doesn't involve any wall? Like 'plugging a headphone to a phone' or what if the electrical socket is outside the wall (like 'jatkojohto'). Do we still use 'seinässä'?

[deactivated user]

    You can say "Onko se kytketty(nä)?" or "Onko se kiinni?" both meaning "Is it connected?"


    And after "kiinni" you can add the object you're talking about, e.g. the phone, the same way as you'd ask about the wall too: "Ovatko kuulokkeet kiinni (puhelimessa)?" (Are the headphones plugged to the phone?)

    Or if it's a jatkojohto, then just ask if it's "kiinni jatkojohdossa".


    Thank you both for your answers. They were very helpful ^_^


    Neither of these were accepted. I have reported them.


    'It' must refer to the equipment, not just the plug itself.

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