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Articles in Dutch (de and het words)

Dear makers of the wonderful Dutch course - I love it! One of the very few tricky bits in Dutch is the gender of the nouns which has an impact on the choice of possessives (ons vs. onze) and other elements of the grammar. It would be helpful if you didn't just introduce a new word ("schoen") but add the article as well ("de schoen"). Otherwise: excellent job! Hedobald

August 7, 2014



Ons vs onze is easy. Ons is for het words, onze for de words. Het huis, ons huis. De boom, onze boom. Of course, the tricky part is knowing what gender a word has.


Sure, but you have to know the genders to apply it correctly. :)


Lavinae gave me a great resource Woordenlijst.org. It gives you the article and the plural. It's really helpful and for me, when I have to take the time to type it in, it sticks better in my memory.

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