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  5. "Varo! Se on myrkyllinen!"

"Varo! Se on myrkyllinen!"

Translation:Watch out! It is poisonous!

July 12, 2020



is "be careful" not an acceptable translation for "varo"?

or just not in this context?


"ole varovainen" would translate to "be careful". "varo!" is a command and the tone is very different


They are close enough that both should be accepted in my opinion, but technically there is the difference as Anna explained.

Contextually, "watch out" means immediate danger whereas "be careful" indicates something that gives you a bit more time to react. In this context, if the poisonous thing was a snake next to you, then you might probably use "varo" (or "watch out"), whereas if someone was walking towards a bush of poisonous berries, you might yell out "ole varovainen" ("be careful").


I would consider "Careful!" to be accurate (without the be verb). It serves as an interjection that is very similiar, if not identical, to "watch out"


Does Finnish differentiate between 'poisonous' and 'venomous'?


Sadly most speakers of English don't!


You get sick when you bite it - poisonous You get sick when it bites you - venomous,


Yeah! I knew that. My comment was that you can tell that others don't by the way they use poisonous.


Thank you for telling this! I didn't know such difference and no, I don't think we have that distinction in Finnish. Skorpioni on myrkyllinen ja kielon (lily-of-the-valley's) marja on myrkyllinen.


Saying "Careful!" as an interjection has the same impact and effect as "Watch out!" in at least Australian English, and should be accepted as a translation for varo in my opinion


Why "look out" is not accepted translation for "varo"?


It is now at least. I wrote "Look out! It's poisonous!"

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