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"Montako sientä tuolla kasvaa?"

Translation:How many mushrooms are there growing over there?

July 12, 2020



Seems a needless redundancy to have "there" required in the answer twice. "How many mushrooms are growing over there?" should also be acceptable.


Agreed. Needless


I would have chosen a different word order: Montako sientä kasvaa tuolla. Is there a difference in meaning or is it not possible at all?


what is the difference between sieni and sientä?


"Sieni" is nominative case, basically what you would find if you looked for the word in the dictionary, meaning "a mushroom" or "the mushroom". It's what you use when the mushroom (just one) is the subject in the sentence. "Sientä" is the partitive case and commonly appears when describing a number of mushrooms (e.g. "kolme sientä" for "three mushrooms") or when mushroom is the object in conjunction with a verb that demands the partitive case. Here, in this example, because "montako" (also a partitive form) is used, it has to be partitive for agreement. Had it been a sentence using the "moni" construction (e.g. "Moni sieni on ruskea" for "many mushrooms are brown"), then nominative would be used. Hopefully, that makes sense.


I hadn't even realized that "montako" was in partitive case until you mentioned it, and now it seems so obvious. Thanks!

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