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"There is a pearl right there."

Translation:Tuossa on helmi.

July 12, 2020



Confused between when to use Siellä on and Tuossa on..


Siellä = there
Tuossa = right there


Tämä - tämän - tätä - tänä - täksi - tässä - tästä - tähän - täällä - täältä - tänne (close to the speaker)

Se - sen - sitä - sinä - siksi - siinä - siitä - siihen - siellä - sieltä - sinne (still relatively close to the speaker and close the person being talked to)

Tuo - tuon - tuota - tuona - tuoksi - tuossa - tuosta - tuohon - tuolla - tuolta - tuonne (not as close to the speaker or to the one being spoken to but still within pointing distance)


[deactivated user]

    Thank you for this nice summary. My question is, when do you use tuossa and when do you use tuolla? In this example in my mind I had used tuolla. The choise however is for tuossa: why?


    Simply put: tuossa - right there / tuolla - over there.


    Why can't you say 'tuossa helmi on' when there are other instances of the 'on' coming at the end ?


    You could but it sounds less natural, or rather poetic - like, "there, right there, a pearl is" or something.

    Although, I might use that word order if e.g. I had been looking for something and finally see it: "There it is!" / "Tuolla(han) se on!"


    Whatttt the hell! What is the thing between tuolla, tuossa, Täällä and everything! Can someone please comment with all the translations for this?


    There are some explanations offered in the Barbecue tips and the Sights tips. Duolingo uses these words in the following ways:

    Tuolla: 'over there', sometimes shortened to just 'there'.

    Tuossa: 'right there', sometimes shortened to just 'there'. Before a noun that ends in -ssa, it can instead mean 'in that', such as tuossa metsässä: 'in that forest'.

    Täällä: 'over here', sometimes shortened to just 'here'.

    Tässä: 'right here', sometimes shortened to just 'here'. Before a noun that ends in -ssa, it can instead mean 'in this', such as tässä metsässä: 'in this forest'. Occasionally, tässä on is also translated as 'it has'.

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