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  5. "Iltaa Pöllölä!"

"Iltaa Pöllölä!"

Translation:Good evening Pöllölä!

July 12, 2020



In the previous sentence I got a wrong for using "good evening" for iltaa, and here I wrote just "evening" not wanting to get a wrong, and... got a wrong. A bit of consistency would help. Also, the hints only show "evening" for ilta (which is what it is, of course, but since we are learning other meanings, should be added too)


This can't be right. Hyvää iltaa is good evening. There's only iltaa here, so my answer of "evening" should be correct.


It is right! you can say either "hyvää iltaa" or "iltaa", but the latter is more common whereas in English "good evening" is more common than just "evening". the translation is an idiomatic one, so it does make sense

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