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"Wordt het nieuwe ziekenhuis door de dokter geopend?"

Translation:Is the new hospital being opened by the doctor?

August 7, 2014



I'm actually not a native English speaker, but isn't it possible to translate the sentence without continuous?


Yes that's possible. Because worden is also used to refer to the future in Dutch, it can be both happening right now or will happen in the future, so the sentence can also mean: Will the new hospital be opened by the doctor?


What about the following translation: Is the new hospital opened by the doctor?

(If this translation is not accurate, I appreciate to hear how to say this sentence in Dutch)


That is correct. In English you can remove being (thus changing the meaning a bit), but this still translates to the same Dutch sentence: Wordt het nieuwe ziekenhuis door de dokter geopend?


Thanks Susande - both for your reply here and also on other comments. Much appreciated.


Sorry to correct Susande, but the word "being" is critical to this sentence as it implies time. Your sentence "is the new hospital opened by the doctor?" means that the opening has already occured. Adding the word "being" to that sentence results in the correct phrasing that the opening occurs now or still has to occur. Another possible translation is "Will the hospital be opened by the doctor?"


so.... how do you say 'is the new hospital opened by the doctor' in your opinion?


"Is het nieuwe ziekenhuis door de dokter geopend?"


That would be a very strange sentence in English - very ambiguous. As is, it would suggest that the new hospital might have been opened by someone else. "Is (more likely, 'was') the new hospital opened by the doctor (or someone else)?

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