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"Onko tuossa ravintolassa terassia?"

Translation:Does that restaurant have a terrace?

July 12, 2020



Wouldn't a more accurate translation be "is there a terrace at that restaurant"?


Well, a literal translation would have the terrace in the restaurant. But the given English sentence is the most natural one.


I actually agree with both Stefan and tumaranja about the translation. I also perceive it a bit confusing to blend in the "in"-form with the "has"-form.


Maybe kind of like "Is there to be had a terrace somewhere within that restaurant?"?


Based on previous exercises (e.g. Maassa on lumi: There is snow on the ground) it would make sense for this translation to be: "Is there a terrace in that restaurant?". Yes, the given solution does sound the most natural, but we gave up a lot of other natural-sounding solutions to follow Duolingo rules. I'm not sure when to follow my gut and when to rely on rules I learned in the app.


Valid point. Both translations should be accepted so I've just reported mine "is there a terrace in that restaurant" as to me this one sounds more natural.

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