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Verb Practice Suggestion

I notice that there is a variety of question types on the site, such as M/C sentences, M/C with pictures, pronunciation practice and of course straight simple sentence translations.

Perhaps having a unique question type for verbs could be helpful. I suggest having a question or a separate section that would ask the learner to fill out an entire conjugation table of a verb he or she has previously learned.


May 15, 2013



This is a great suggestion. Verb conjugation is arguably one of the most difficult things to memorize, so another opportunity to practice it within Duolingo interface would be invaluable!


I like this idea, thanks for sharing


you can do that yourself. I do. I keep a notebook for all the verbs I have learned.


Of course, but having a question like this pop up during a lesson will reinforce the forms of the verb.


Ahhh, everyday there are so many of us REQUESTING, BEGGING, for more Grammar and Verb Conjugation.

Yes, I do this on my own with Flashcards but it would be GREAT to have in the Lesson.



It's more of a suggestion rather than a beg :)

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