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"This radio is a complete failure!"

Translation:Tämä radio on täysi susi!

July 12, 2020



Is "täysi susi" really a thing?


Yes, it is! We also say "susi jo syntyessään" ("wolf already at birth") which we might use for example to describe a plan that was flawed/ridiculous to begin with.


Aah! So the metaphor is that bad plan itself is a wolf. Google gives "full wolf" for the phrase, so I was imagining that it had caused the wolf to get fed.

I.e. "Was the little pig's house of straw a success?" / "No. It resulted in a full wolf!"


I wrote "Tämä radio on koko susi" but it was marked wrong.


That is wrong indeed. It sounds like "this radio is an entire wolf". "Täysi susi" is an idiomatic expression.

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