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  5. "Nuori pari tanssii yhdessä."

"Nuori pari tanssii yhdessä."

Translation:The young couple is dancing together.

July 12, 2020



'The young couple are dancing together' is considered incorrect? I don't understand why some of the translations are overly rigid. It would be correct it this way in english.


No. 'couple' is singular. If it would have been 'couples' , then yes, it would be 'are'


Hmm, but I'd imagine you'd use "couple" the same way you'd use e.g. the word "family", that is "the family is doing something" instead of "the family are doing something".

"The young couples are dancing" - "Nuoret parit tanssivat"

"The young couple is dancing" - "Nuori pari tanssii"


I agree - just like "the police are searching for the culprit", "our team have won the championship", etc. This is as acceptable in English as is the singular form.

But it's singular in Finnish and that's what's important here.


Literally just wanted to say well done all Finns who do this with ease, it is a skill i would love to learn


Every language has it's own tricks and is hard in the beginning, but if you keep at it you'll start noticing and learning the patterns. :)

Were you wondering why it's "nuori pari tanssii" instead of "nuori pari tanssivat"? Or something else? Or just a general comment? :)


I agree with those other native English speakers who are all saying that it ought to be 'are'. 'The young couple dance together' would also be correct.


The translation missing

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