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  5. "They have a Russian accent."

"They have a Russian accent."

Translation:Heillä on venäläinen aksentti.

July 12, 2020



When do I have to use the words with the ending on -lainen/läinen (venäläinen, suomalainen,...) for the language and when the word that is like the name of the country? (Like in suomi on kaunis kieli.)


The -lainen/-läinen is either an adjective, describing someone or something, or a noun denoting nationality. (You could argue that someone's nationality is a property being described...)

So in this case a person (I'm doing this in singular for simplicity although the sentence is in plural) might be a venäläinen from Venäjä. Their mother tongue is probably venäjä, giving them a venäläinen aksentti in other languages as well.


Should "hänellä on" also be accepted, as in English "they" can also refer to an individual


Does people actually have accents in Finnish? It sounds like not a hard language to pronounce correctly


Oh gosh, yes they do. We of course think Finnish is really easy to pronounce, but every language has it's own quirks that (many if not all) speakers have a hard time leaving behind.

I'm really not an expert, but some aspects of Finnish pronunciation that come to my mind which may be hard for learners are the long vs. short vowels, double vs. single consonants, the very flat tone, some of the diphtongs,...

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