"And your suitcases, did you check them?"

Translation:Et tes valises, est-ce que tu les as vérifiées ?

July 12, 2020

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This one is a little misleading, when we say "check the luggage", at least in the US, we typically mean register them to be boarded on a plane or ship. I thought of that and wrote "Et tes valises, tu les as enregistrées" but it was not accepted.

The sentence given in French asks whether you verified them. I think that "checking" them is a reasonable way to restate something like "verify that they're still there" but in that case we might say "check on them" or something like that.


I said "Et tes valises, tu les as contrôlé?" and it wasn't accepted. What is wrong with my answer?


It doesn't accept Et tes valises, tu les as verifiees or as-tu les verifiees either. It insists on the est-ce que construction.


inversion of the verb is surely ok Duo?

et tes valises as-tu les verifiées


The object before the verb must remain before the verb even in an inversion: Et tes valises, les as-tu vérifiées ?


So "... tu les as contrôlées" is accepted. Why does the past participle become plural? Usually past participles with avoir don't match the plural. Isn't this the equivalent of saying "tu as contrôlé/vérifié tes valises"?


The past participle agrees with the object when it comes before the verb in French.


The word "et" is missing in the word bank

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