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  5. "Everything is A-OK."

"Everything is A-OK."

Translation:Kaikki on ihan hyvin.

July 12, 2020


[deactivated user]

    A-OK? In Finnish we can also say Kaikki on OK too, but A-OK sounds like another Americanism to me. It should be a balance for these translations, they should be in international English for all non native English speakers. Keeping things in the American vernacular could confuse many.


    The funny thing is that it is hardly ever used in America too. I've heard it a couple of times, but it is such a weird expression. I guess, they are trying to teach us English here too :)


    Im a native speaket and never use this term and had trouble translating


    What is A-OK? Never heard that before.


    Thank you! I am speaking English for more than 30 years now and I have British as well as American friends but never has anyone used this word. They should use more common words in a language course which isn't an English course.


    Well, the main idea is to learn the Finnish, right? Sometimes you just have to give the owl what it wants, and move on to the next question. That is the case in those courses Duolingo built using professionals and that have been polished for close to a decade now, and that will certainly be the case for a course that was released in beta a few weeks ago.


    As I recall, it came out of our space program, meaning all systems are OK.


    Exactly. It was also used in the military, especially in the Air Force. Most of the early US astronauts were Air Force or Navy fighter jet pilots.


    I'm quite confused by the A-OK thing, as a non-native English speaker... I often have the wrong answer because of the English and not because of a bad understanding of the Finnish. But hey, that's a beta, still I'm so glad to be able to learn more Finnish


    why is simply kaikki on hyvin not accepted? i.e. i could not submit it without typing something in the blank space


    Wouldn't "Kaikki hyvin" be an appropriate translation?


    Aivan omituinen sanonta.

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