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  5. "De vogel eet de muis."

"De vogel eet de muis."

Translation:The bird is eating the mouse.

August 7, 2014



It's really difficult to pronounce "Vogel", any advice on how to do it?


As you are Norwegian here are the sounds of vogel in Norwegian words:

The v is like vann.

The o is (kinda) like lov.

The g in the Standard Dutch (Netherlands) dialect is probably hard voor Norwegians. It is the same as the German dach.

The e is like not in Standard British English.

The l is like peel in Standard American English.

You can also listen to this Forvo pronunciation.


It is pronounced like the Norwegian "f"


This female voice almost say wogel on another lesson she definitely say wogel. Which is just wrong.

Btw the e is not like the o in not. It's a schwa so like the a in about the e in the or the last e in learner.

/ˈvoːɣəl/ the pronounciation on wiktionary is pretty good.

The first letter can be almost like an english f (as in five). So not a /ʋ/ as in norwegian vann which is basicly the dutch w.

(If you want to check forvo make sure you don't accidentaly listen to the german ones. I prefer wiktionary though, often half of the pronounciations on forvo are that good. In this case they are ok, be mindfull though that people from Belgium have a completely different pronounciation and accent though. Nothing wrong with that, but when you will mix Belgian and dutch pronounciations on one sentence it will really confuse people. So imo it's best to learn either all begum or all dutch pronunciations (atleast at first so you know which is which )

(What warm foothills described would sound like wogal or wogaal/wogahl in dutch I think. We don't really have the /ɒ/ sound Which is the sound in not, in dutch depending on poshness it could also come to oa. So wogoal (no g like in the loanword goal) )

[deactivated user]

    Is there a different verb 'to eat' for animals as there is in German?

    People eat - Menschen essen

    Animals eat - Tiere fressen


    Dieren use eten as well, but the word vreten does exist. It is used to describe a dirty way of eating.


    I typed that sentence's translate to "The bird eats the mouse." But it was wrong, and it said "The bird is eating the mouse." How do i know that sentence is "is eating" or "eats"?


    "The bird eats the mouse" and "The bird is eating the mouse" are both correct. Perhaps you had a typo? If not it should be reported.


    indeed, that is very annoying. English speaking people like to make things more difficult, because they think they are very special.


    How do you say 'the bird eat the mouse' as it past tense


    I think "ate" would be "at", so it would be "de vogel at de muis"


    You can say the bird eat the mouse


    No in english the 3rd person singular needs the s. The bird eats.


    I prpnounced it right at least three times but it said i was wrong


    Please make allowances for typos


    The do, 1 letter wrong per word so you could have a staggering amount of 6 errors and still get a pass.

    If you really mess up the word and have two or more letters wrong they don't.


    He says "eets"... I could listen an "s". I got confused.


    I'm Dutch and I couldn't understand what he said


    Please add dutch for german speaking its very confusing sometimes because german is much closer to dutch than english


    The woman speaks the word "een" unclearly when she speaks quickly. It sounds identical to "de" then.


    The bird eats a mouse is also correct.


    "De uil eet de muis" would be more accurate, as some species do.


    'De uil', however, means 'the owl' not 'the bird'. There are more birds that eat mice. ;)


    Ah! Thank you!


    Mickey! Duo!!!


    It was not a mistake


    "the vrouwen eet de muis"

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