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"Kymmenen tyttöä itkee, koska koira on pulassa."

Translation:Ten girls are crying, because the dog is in trouble.

July 12, 2020



What about "cry" instead of "are crying"?


"are crying" makes more sense but "cry" should be accepted.


Ten girls cry because the dog is in trouble... why is this wrong answer? Please guide me. Thank you


Can someone please explain the difference with "Kymmenen tytöt itkevät"?

Can it be that that this form would mean "The ten (specific ones that we know) girls" while the partitive use is more for "Ten (random or otherwise unknown) girls"?


There is no "Kymmenen tytöt itkevät". Singular forms are used with numerals. Numeral + partitive singular noun + singular verb (for numerals greater than 1).


How the hell am I supposed to make a difference between "cry" and "are crying". It was previously discussed somewhere that it doesn't have a difference but apparently duolingo sometimes still makes the difference.


The course is relatively young and these translations only appear to a few hundred of the most advanced users. You can flag it and it should be added as valid...

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