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  5. "Oranssi tomaatti on pyöreä."

"Oranssi tomaatti on pyöreä."

Translation:The orange tomato is round.

July 12, 2020



So what is an orange tomato supposed to be?


A tomato which is not red but orange. Oranssi is the color. The fruit would be appelsiini in Finnish. So it's not some kind of weird hybrid.


What exactly is appelsiini? I remember from Russian in school that something is called апельсин, but can't remember what...


Appelsiini is the fruit we call an orange in English) and oranssi is the color orange.

Similarly, апельсин is the fruit name in Russian and оранжевая is the color.


It is easy to remember because it is a Chinese apple or an apple from China.

Se on helppo muistaa koska se on kiinalainen omena tai omena Kiinasta.

Dutch hollanti sinaasappel, appelsien.
Latvian latvia apelsīns.
Lithuanian liettua apelsinas.
Norwegian norja appelsin.
Swedish ruotsi apelsin.
German saksa Apfelsine, Orange.
Danish tanska appelsin.
Russia venäjä апельсин (apelsin), апельси́н (apelsín).
Estonian viro apelsin.


Why oranssi vs oranssia?

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