"Mon frère était fatigant : il criait sans arrêt !"

Translation:My brother was tiring: he used to scream nonstop!

July 12, 2020

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fatigant = tiring literally, but often used to mean more like irritating


'Fatigant' can have both meanings. Tiring is something that makes you tired, but if you describe someone as irritating or annoying, then tiresome would fit better. The latter also translates as agaçant, or ennuyeux.


The ONLY hover "hint" was "shouted", but that was marked WRONG. Get it together Duo. Sometimes those hints are vital to figuring out what you are trying to say, but more often they are just plain WRONG.


A hint, by definition, is likely to be wrong. The purpose of a hint is to get you thinking, not to give you the answer.


I don't think I understand french punctuation conventions. Is comma(,) in French equivalent to a semicolon(;) English? And, what is a colon(:) in French equivalent to in English? Also, if anyone could post a link that maps French punctuation to the English equivalents, I would be very grateful. For example, I know we use « » in French for quotes. I'm looking for similar information. Although Duolingo is forgiving with the punctuation, but I'm trying to learn that as well when possible.


Here is a good article on punctuation: https://www.thoughtco.com/how-to-use-french-punctuation-4086509 Another more in-depth one is: https://anglocom.com/en/punctuation/ They differ on a few points, so you probably want to read as much French as you can to see how they are actually used now.


my brother was tiring, he screamed nonstop

shouldn't this be accepted. The fact that "nonstop" is used implies a continuation of the verb. I believe my answer is correct.


------- my brother was tiring, he cried nonstop . no good ? . . .

Big 29 jul 20


It is fatigant how sometimes it has to be "used to" and other times it can just be past tense...


Agreed! " He cried nonstop" suggests continuity - so we ought to report it! Crier means "to cry" as well as "to scream" and is usually used to describe what babies do!


I've noticed a lot of the answers reported here as not being accepted did not say "used to". I tried "my brother was tiring, HE SHOUTED nonstop" which was not accepted. They accepted "my brother was tiring, HE USED TO SHOUT nonstop".


Why screamed? why not cried?

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